You’ll Never Be a Design Specialist by Generalizing Your Skills

I’m going to talk about something controversial today. Everyone strap in and brace yourselves. Freelance designers like to encourage newbies entering the industry to learn as many skills</ as they can to make themselves attractive as a job candidate. This is well-meaning advice that undoubtedly comes from a good place. But generally speaking, these ‘generalists’ […]


Meet Polypane, a Browser That Makes You Five Times Faster

As developers, we like to use tools specifically made to make us as efficient as possible. We excessively research and get the perfect keyboard, our code editor or IDE is carefully picked and uses the perfect coding theme and coding font (Fira code, in my case). We have workflows to optimize our CSS and images […]


Embracing Competency and Letting Go of Design Perfection

It seems like every designer and developer out there is on the hunt for perfection. As if somehow that’s our ticket to the top. The distinguished projects, the big paycheck and the booming business. It all will come if we just…do the impossible? The trouble is, we mere mortals aren’t known for perfection. Sure, subjectively […]


Is Custom Web App Development Popular During COVID-19?

It is clear that when people come together, they can achieve anything. And that can’t be more evident than it is today. It’s a time when people have combined efforts, a year where the great nations of the world have embraced friendships. After all, we’re all fighting the coronavirus as one. But who or what is […]


Build a Terminal Weather App in Deno

If you’ve been following along with our introductory articles on Deno, you’re probably interested in having a go at writing your first program. In this article, we’re going to walk through installing the Deno runtime, and creating a command-line weather program that will take a city name as an argument and return the weather forecast […]


When Does Using Headless WordPress Make Sense?

There’s a lot of talk these days about using headless WordPress. For the uninitiated, it’s the practice of utilizing a WordPress back end to feed content to an outside application. That might be a mobile app, a static website, a progressive web application or just about anything else a developer can dream up. There are […]


Top Reasons Your Business Needs a Content Management System (CMS)

The use of a content management system – CMS – for powering your site is one of the best investments you can make for your digital presence – and for your business. Something you need to understand is that making an investment is a must. When it comes to spreading your brand message and communicating […]

Big DataMachine Learning

Question Answering: Enhancing Search with Deep Learning and NLP

Recently, Cloudera Fast Forward held a webinar on automated question answering. What is automated question answering, you ask?  In its simplest form, it’s a human-machine interaction to extract information from data using human language. This is a pretty broad definition that encapsulates the idea that machines don’t inherently understand human language any more than humans […]


The Second Coming of the Productivity Tool

I’ve been testing a range of information management and Second Brain tools this year, from Bear to Notion to Obsidian. In most of these cases, I’ve tried the apps before or used them for years. This year, I’ve endeavored to settle on my selections, commit, and get the workflows sorted out. I’ve been doing this with other mainstays in my […]