GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review 2020

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting company that has been providing 100% reliable web hosting since 2008! The company’s founder, Trey Gardner, has extensive web hosting experience, as he has worked in the past for quite a few large web hosting companies. Now, you don’t have to select them either based on their cheap rates […]

Women at work: a continuous state of evolution

Being a woman in tech can be incredibly rewarding, lonely, frustrating and inspiring all at once. Each individual has their own experience and path that they’ve followed to get where they are. That is, after all, what makes us unique. Earlier this week Cindy Maike, VP Industry Solutions, hosted a panel discussion with women across […]

CDP Data Visualization: Self-Service Data Visualization For The Full Data

With the massive explosion of data across the enterprise — both structured and unstructured from existing sources and new innovations such as streaming and IoT — businesses have needed to find creative ways of managing their increasingly complex data lifecycle to speed time to insight. At Cloudera, we set out to directly address these lifecycle […]

Healthcare Data Impact Awards finalists shine in Data for Good

Cloudera’s annual Data Impact Awards will be announced during a virtual celebration on November 18, 2020. If you’d like to join us and hear more about the winners, you can register here.   As always, we’re excited that the finalists represent a cross-section of industries. Personally, I’m thrilled to talk more about one of our healthcare […]

Wix Plans And Features Review

Wix is, as we know, one of the best website builders around. You will be able to create your website easily with the aid of Wix. There are plenty of templates that you can use to build your website and the simple to use Drag and drop method is very helpful here. Wix still has […]

25 Best Free Corporate Business Flyer Templates

When you want to announce something for your business, it’s imperative that you do so in a visually appealing and engaging way. Otherwise, you’ll be hard-pressed to have potential customers remember what it is you’re offering. Branding is essential, as you likely already know. That’s why we’ve spent the time putting together a collection of […]

Higher-order Components: A React Application Design Pattern

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use higher-order components to keep your React applications tidy, well-structured and easy to maintain. We’ll discuss how pure functions keep code clean and how these same principles can be applied to React components. Pure Functions A function is considered pure if it adheres to the following properties: all […]

Log Reduction Techniques with CFM

Cloudera services logs offer a breadth of information to assist in cluster maintenance; from assisting in security checks, auditing tasks, and validation for performance tuning and testing tasks – to name a few.  However, log records generated by these services do not hold the same value for every organisation. For example Cyber teams may find […]

Working with Forms in React

Almost every application needs to accept user input at some point, and this is usually achieved with the venerable HTML form and its collection of input controls. If you’ve recently started learning React, you’ve probably arrived at the point where you’re now thinking, “So how do I work with forms?” This article will walk you […]

Listening to the Customer in the 21st Century: It’s All

The customer has never been more right. Across industries, customers have become conditioned to demand not only near-instant responses to their needs but that their needs be anticipated in advance. Financial institutions are not given a pass, despite a competitive landscape flooded with regulation and privacy considerations. The customer still has expectations for a personalized, […]