Big Data Platforms Assist with Spreading Health and Safety Awareness

We have talked extensively about the multitude of benefits that big data provides to companies in every sector. While most of our discussions focus around the financial benefits of data technology to these organizations, there are some more holistic advantages as well. One reason to invest in big data technology is to help educate the […]

Yes, Advanced Business Analytics Can Cut Costs

With so many people generating so much data every day, you’d be remiss if you didn’t attempt to monetize it. But at the same time, it’s easy to see why many companies, especially small ones, would be reluctant to implement business analytics tools. There’s an upfront cost for integrating data analytics into a company, and […]

Sample applications for Cloudera Operational Database

Cloudera Operational Database is an operational database-as-a-service that brings ease of use and flexibility to Apache HBase. Cloudera Operational Database enables developers to quickly build future-proof applications that are architected to handle data evolution. In the previous blog posts, we looked at application development concepts and how Cloudera Operational Database (COD) interacts with other CDP […]

Concurrency vs Parallelism – Difference between Concurrency and Parallelism

In this article, we dive deep into the core concepts of multithreading. We will have a look at the profound understandings of the terms Concurrency and Parallelism with their description. Then, we compare the major differences between the two terms. Concurrency and Parallelism are often misunderstood to be somewhat similar but it is not the […]

Black History Month 2021: Be the light

Be the light – Accepting the call to become the change we seek As Black History Month comes to a close, global communities and companies alike are left reflecting on recent historical events with shock, awe and a commitment to drive change. We find ourselves faced with the unhealed wounds of our past, a defining […]

How Startups Can Formulate Data-Driven Marketing Strategies Using AI

We have talked a lot about the benefits of big data in marketing. The global marketing analytics market was worth $2.1 billion in 2019. This figure is expected to rise sharply in the future as more companies are likely to discover the benefits data-driven marketing affords. Understanding the Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing You have launched […]

Change The Way You Do ML With Applied ML Prototypes

Today’s enterprise data science teams have one of the most challenging, yet most important roles to play in your business’s ML strategy. In our current landscape, businesses that have adopted a successful ML strategy are outperforming their competitors by over 9%. The implications of ML on the future of business are clear. However, only 4% […]

AI and Analytics Importance in Automotive Industry

Big data is fundamentally altering the future of the automotive industry in wondrous ways. The industry is projected to spend $7.8 billion on big data solutions in 2025. The sector’s investment in data-driven technology is hardly a surprise. The automotive industry is constantly changing and evolving, and now auto businesses should embrace AI, data and […]

5 Reasons Hospitals Need to Invest in Data Security

Hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world hold highly sensitive information about their patients. Living in a digital age where cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, it’s understandable that there are huge concerns about healthcare data security. What’s more, these data breaches and malware attacks can compromise patient health records, with personal information being sold on […]

Five Trends for the Financial Services Industry to Track in

With a new year ahead, it’s time for financial services to pause, take stock of the “new normal,” and plan a path forward. COVID-19 forced nearly every industry to adapt to a new reality, and the financial services industry was no exception. Consumer habits shifted drastically. Suddenly, many people started working from home. Employee and […]