Nearly every aspect of our lives is rapidly transformed by artificial intelligence ( AI ) technologies. We seem to be becoming more and more addicted to them, from how we interact to the means we use for transport. Significant quantities of talent and money are committed to accelerating the development of technology because of these rapid advances.

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science which emphasizes the creation of machines that can work and react like humans. As of now, Artificial Intelligence is one of the best technologies where companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and amazon are investing heavily in their own research and development. Even startups have made progress in areas like machine learning, neural networks, natural language and image processing. So, Artificial Intelligence will make a positive impact on the society in the upcoming years. 

Here is a list of  5 best Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools that you can use to take your projects to the next stage in machine learning.

5 Best Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools


The Caffe mostly focusses on convolutional networks for computer vision applications. It is a solid and popular choice for computer vision related tasks and can be downloaded as many successful models which is made by Caffe users from the Caffe Model Zoo for out of the box use. According to its website, it can process more than 60 million images in a single day using just one NVIDIA K40 GPU.

Computational Network Toolkit 

Accelerating the Computational Network Tool Kit with Intel® MKL - IT Peer Network

This tool is one of the Microsoft open source Artificial Intelligence tools where it boasts outstanding performance whether it is running on a system with only CPUs or multiple machines with multiple GPUs.  So, Microsoft is primarily utilized it for research into speech recognition, but it is also useful for applications like machine translation, image recognition, text processing.

Deep Learning 4j

Deeplearning4j: Deep learning and ETL for the JVM | InfoWorld

Deep Learning4j is an open source deep learning library for the java Virtual machine which runs in distributed environments and also integrates with both Hadoop and Apache Spark. Even the tool makes it possible to configure the deep neural networks and it is compatible with java, Scala and other JVM languages.


TensorFlow is an open source software library which is originally developed by researchers and engineers who were working on the Google Brain Team. So, TensorFlow is used for numerical computation using data flow graphs.  TensorFlow provides multiple APIs whereas the TensorFlow core provides you with complete programming control whereas the higher-level APIs make repetitive tasks easier and more consistent between different users.  The high-level API like tf. estimator will help in managing data sets, estimators, training and inference.

Hope the above information are used as the open source software which can benefit us in many ways in the upcoming years. Hope that we have covered all the topics in my article about open source Artificial Intelligence tools. Thanks for reading!