3 Top Email Security Practices to Prevent a Data Breach

Cyber-attacks have emerged as a big threat to the world. The World Economic Forum has included cyber-attacks and data breaches in the list of top global risks in 2020. The problems associated with data breaches cannot possibly be overstated. The average data breach cost $3.86 million and that figure could rise even further in the future. […]

Importance of VPNs For Streamers in a Data-Centric World

Big data is becoming a lot more important in many facets of our lives. One of the most obvious benefits of big data can be seen in the world of video streaming. Companies like Netflix use big data on their end, but end users can use big data technology too. One of the most important […]

Data-Driven Cryptocurrency Traders Spur the Growth of Other Industries

Big data and blockchain have played a very important role in the cryptocurrency industry. There are a lot of reasons that cryptocurrency traders are investing more heavily in big data technology. This is a big deal for investors trying to boost their revenue, but it also provides numerous benefits for other businesses. This shows that […]

What’s new in CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.6?

According to IDG, when customers consider updating to the latest release of a product, they expect new features, enhanced security, and better performance, but increasingly want a more streamlined upgrade process.  With each new release of CDP Private Cloud, this is exactly what we strive to deliver.  Along with a host of new features and […]

No Data Loss and No Service Interruption – HDF to

The blog “Migrating Apache NiFi Flows from HDF to CFM with Zero Downtime” detailed how many common NiFi dataflows can be easily migrated when the Hortonworks DataFlow and Cloudera Flow Management clusters are running side-by-side. But what if you lack the resources to run multiple NiFi clusters concurrently?  Not a problem. Rolling migration — decommissioning […]

Business Intelligence for Fairs, Congresses and Exhibitions

For most entrepreneurs, the best way to make money is to find ways to work smarter and not harder. While different companies, regardless of their size, have different operational processes, they share a common need for actionable insight to drive success in their business. Advancement in big data technology has made the world of business […]

The Growing Importance of AI for Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no more confined to big businesses. As the technology matures and becomes more affordable, it has found a place in startups and small businesses as well. Do you need some evidence to support this position? A survey of 1,467 CEOs of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) found that out of all […]

Cloudera Data Engineering – Integration steps to leverage spark on

What is Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) ? Cloudera Data Engineering is a serverless service for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) that allows you to submit jobs to auto-scaling virtual clusters. CDE enables you to spend more time on your applications, and less time on infrastructure. CDE allows you to create, manage, and schedule Apache Spark jobs […]

3 Common Payroll Errors That Can Be Resolved with AI

Artificial intelligence has been very important for modern businesses. The market for AI technology is expected to be worth $37.9 billion within the next three years. Some of the changes that AI has brought are more obvious than others. A number of companies are using AI technology to improve their websites, design new logos, bolster […]

Best HODL Strategies with Extremely Secure Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been very important for improving digital security. It has been used in many different industries, but is still particularly important in the industry that it was developed for for – cryptocurrency trading. Unfortunately, not all cryptocurrency platforms or exchanges use the same blockchain. You need to make sure that the providers that you […]