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Building a Simple CRUD web application and image store using

The Cloudera Operational Database (COD) is a managed dbPaaS solution available as an experience in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). It offers multi-modal client access with NoSQL key-value using Apache HBase APIs and relational SQL with JDBC (via Apache Phoenix). The latter makes COD accessible to developers who are used to building applications that use MySQL, […]

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Important Big data interview questions

The market for qualified data professionals is increasing for Big Data and Data Mining as yesterday’s sayings. Ever more organisations in different sectors seek to recruit talented candidates, with both the appropriate skills, to gain insight into an enormous number of data. This means that Big Data gives excellent possibilities. They are in the Big […]

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Is big data a technology?

A huge volume of organised and unstructured data that can’t be handled manually or historically are considered large data technology, that can be analysed, handled and interpreted by machines. This helps draw conclusions and possible projections in order to escape many dangers. Operational and predictive types of Big Data technology. Networked data deals with everyday […]

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Start big data with AWS

Designing a big-data  with aws. It is one of the  common problem for developers in relation to the processing capacity and expenses problems. Big data systems should be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, the  company which calls on IT teams and software vendors to combine resources from all the current technology. In comparison to […]

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What is big data concept?

Big Data is data, itself, but then of enormous size. Big Data is indeed a concept used to describe a data collection that is enormous in size and still increasingly increasing continuously. In brief, these information is so huge and complicated that it could not be saved or processed efficiently by any of conventional data […]