Cloudera Flow Management Continuous Delivery while Minimizing Downtime

Cloudera Flow Management, based on Apache NiFi and part of the Cloudera DataFlow platform, is used by some of the largest organizations in the world to facilitate an easy-to-use, powerful, and reliable way to distribute and process data at high velocity in the modern big data ecosystem. Increasingly, customers are adopting CFM to accelerate their […]

AI-Driven Employee Monitoring Software Solves the Most Pressing Organizational Challenges

Artificial intelligence is helping solve a number of problems that modern businesses encounter. They spent $39.9 billion last year. We typically think about the merits of AI in the context of marketing, manufacturing, financial reporting and customer service management. Although AI technology is invaluable in all of these respects, there are some other applications that […]

Brands Invest in Data-Driven Tools to Boost Editing Workflows

Big data technology is becoming extremely important for project management in 2021. A growing number of companies are finding new ways to use data-driven tools to streamline various aspects of their projects, including editing workflows. We talked before about editing data science workflows. Similar technology can be useful for improving overall workflows. Data-Driven Technology is […]

Big Data is Pivotal to the Future of Education

Businesses have been using big data for years. Analyzing large data sets, they get invaluable insights and uncover patterns and trends in their area of interest. Yet, the concept of big data has evolved. Today, it goes beyond marketing purposes and thus can be helpful in many other industries, in particular in education. Schools, colleges, […]

Docker Tools Accelerate Advances in AI Technology in 2021

Machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence are shaping our lives in countless ways. As more organizations consider exploring the countless benefits of artificial intelligence technology, developers are looking for more cutting-edge solutions to address their needs. Docker is one of the newest technological evolutions in the field of computer science. It is a […]

C and C++ Are Surprisingly Useful for Data Science Applications

We recently heard from a number of C and C++ experts talk about its merits with data science. Cristiano L. Fontana of talked about some of these benefits in a recent article. Here is an excerpt from this post: “While languages like Python and R are increasingly popular for data science, C and C++ […]

Fostering community to help drive cultural change

2020 put on full display how humanity shows up in times of hardship. We saw everything from street celebrations to usher weary medical personnel home after long days fighting to save lives to places like food banks receiving more donations and volunteers than ever before. Some communities were harder hit than others, and we’ve seen […]

Finding digital transformation in high places – how a ski

Most blogs in my history are very focused on Industry 4.0’s digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, which in itself is pretty remarkable. By 2025, Industry 4.0 is expected to generate greater than $11 trillion in economic value as connected manufacturing processes, operations and their supply chains become more streamlined, efficient, agile and realize improved […]

Cloudera Data Warehouse Demonstrates Best-in-Class Cloud-Native Price-Performance

Introduction Cloud data warehouses allow users to run analytic workloads with greater agility, better isolation and scale, and lower administrative overhead than ever before. With the ability to quickly provision on-demand and the lower fixed and administrative costs, the costs of operating a cloud data warehouse are driven mostly by the price-performance of the specific […]

Optimized joins & filtering with Bloom filter predicate in Kudu

Introduction In database systems one of the most effective ways to improve performance is to avoid doing unnecessary work, such as network transfers and reading data from disk. One of the ways Apache Kudu achieves this is by supporting column predicates with scanners. Pushing down column predicate filters to Kudu allows for optimized execution by […]