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Building a Simple CRUD web application and image store using

The Cloudera Operational Database (COD) is a managed dbPaaS solution available as an experience in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). It offers multi-modal client access with NoSQL key-value using Apache HBase APIs and relational SQL with JDBC (via Apache Phoenix). The latter makes COD accessible to developers who are used to building applications that use MySQL, […]

Machine Learning

Benefits of Machine Learning

Machine learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence which is revolutionizing the work. It can be referred to as the process of developing algorithms by the use of simple data input. So, it promises to solve problems and also benefits the companies by making predications by helping them to make better decisions. The goal of […]

Machine Learning

Best Apps Used in Machine Learning

Well, machine learning is changing the way we interact with our devices where our phones and tablets are now powerful enough for running software where they can learn and react in real-time. However, this technology has opened up the door for some cool applications. Now, all startups and tech giants are all starting to use […]

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Project Ideas

Machine learning is known as the emerging technologies in current times and an ideal way of learning this technology is by doing various projects. There are other options like online courses, reading books which helps in understanding the basics of ML. However, it is possible to learn about the subject by doing projects with real-world […]

Machine Learning

Applications of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a hot topic in today’s technology and growing very rapidly day by day. People are using machine learning in our daily life even without knowing it such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Alexa. However, machine learning proposes an abundance of techniques for extricating knowledge from data which can be rendered into […]

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Machine Learning Algorithms for Beginners

In the current technological field, machine learning is an important component that is in the race towards artificial intelligence. Whenever you are trying to gain insight information from all the data which you have been collecting, machine learning is a significant step to learn forward. So, machine learning is the way for computers for running […]

Machine Learning

Difference between Machine Learning and Neural Networks

A neural network is a branch of machine learning which operates like a human brain. This generates an artificial neural network with an algorithm that helps the machine to learn by generating new data. Whereas machine learning is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence that helps the algorithm to learn and advance automatically from experience without […]

Machine Learning

Best Software Used in Machine Learning

Machine learning has emerged as the most important technology in today’s generation and it is also an overwhelming way to use it in a correct way. How fascinating it would be to build a machine that behaves like a human being to great extent. Mastering Machine learning tools will let you play with the data, […]