Where does Hostinger stand today?

Hostinger is a global name and many webmasters only prefer Hostinger just for its quality web hosting and affordability.  It serves more than 29 million customers around the world, the company provides value added web hosting services in 178 countries and the Global Data centers of Hostinger include UK, USA, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil and Lithuania. Hostinger has been in the operation for over a decade now and has been constantly growing throughout these years. Hostinger makes use of the cloud technology and provides web hosting with MySQL, FTP and PHP.

 Every single day, more than 15,000 customers register for hosting their website with Hostinger. The company has undergone various amendments in order to make their performance better and also to improve the services that they have been offering the users. Earlier they were a free hosting service with absolutely no advertising or promotion and by 2012, the company became a global brand after getting incorporated in Cyprus. Millions of users across the globe now trust Hostinger for their quality added hosting services.

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Advantages of using Hostinger

Robust Servers

The servers used by a web host company determines the performance of the host as well as the amount of customer satisfaction. Luckily, Hostinger uses the fastest servers in the entire web hosting industry and it has servers in US, Asia and Europe. These servers use 1000 mbps connection and are really fast. The speed of the servers affects the performance of the websites and with high speed servers all the Hostinger hosted websites are great performers.

Affordable pricing and Deals

Hostinger provides us with some cheap and affordable deals and packages which come along with various website friendly features. These deals are comparatively less costly and you can get several exclusive features without any need to pay high prices.

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User-friendly web host

Hostinger is so easy to use. The cPanel used by this web hosting company makes the entire process so simple because it has large icons which are very easy to find out whenever the user is in need of them. It helps the beginners to easily build a website and manage it properly. An interface offered by Hostinger is so perfect and you will get almost everything that you need in single location.

Performance and Quality of products

Hostinger is excellent value for money because it provides some of the best web hosting services in the industry. with unlimited features, great deals, affordable pricing and high-speed servers, the performance of the websites under Hostinger is really appreciable. Hostinger is known for providing high quality products at affordable and reasonable prices.

The Hosting Platform Made For You - Go Online With Hostinger

Pros of using Hostinger

  • The web hosting company has a good knowledge base
  • Excellent customer service staff who will answer all your questions and solve all your website related issues
  • Get free website builders and a free domain name with Hostinger and the builder is absolutely unique and user-friendly
  • If you use this web host, you can be totally relieved about the security and privacy of the website you are handling. Hostinger takes security very seriously
  • Strong uptime record and they keep their website online for most of the time
  • Various customer friendly options available.

The Hosting Platform Made For You - Go Online With Hostinger

Final Word

If you are looking out for an extremely affordable and best web hosting service provider, then you must surely opt Hostinger. This will be one of your best decisions as you will never regret about choosing Hostinger as your site’s web host. With a very supportive customer support team of Hostinger, you can be assured about facing no problems with web hosting and they will guide you throughout your website’s journey. For the amount that you are paying in order to get subscription, you will get all the features which will work towards making your website a powerful one on the internet.