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How to create eCommerce app

By: | Posted in: Mobile Application | Jul 09, 2018

The eCommerce business has experienced the luck of making much profit in very little time. Now, the success of mobile eCommerce app, even retail stores have been considering mobilizing, as it involves rewarding profits. Making mobile application for retail shops that help in searching products in the store while also being able to pay using an application, is what defines the retail mobile apps. These kinds of sort of application experienced benefits associated with their own, including the fact that a buyer did not have to carry anything other than for a smartphone.

Mobile eCommerce application, on the other hand, is actually started as a kind to the websites that performing the actual business. The disorder now is completely different, though. eCommerce businesses have zeroed down after the mobile platform to earn their dues while keeping websites (if at all) as accessional means.

These platforms have recently been successful for every single and every business, be it the retail shopping of other domains. The reason is it has made the payment device much easier and comfortable for our generation. Every this is due to technical and e-commerce development. Amazon, eBay, Paytm is the best and live instances of the same.

ecommerce app development

What exactly should a powerful e-commerce mobile application have? Here’s a breakdown of essential components to feature;

  1. Intuitive Design – Many users of the application are looking for something fast and easy to know, people don’t want to be bogged down with a complicated graphical user interface that aspires to dazzle with fancy banners and complex animated graphics; simplicity is king here.
  2. Secure – eCommerce needs a lot from the users. Information that is sensitive, such as payment details and addresses, therefore it pays to make certain your application is using the best security around.
  3. Social Media – Giving people the option to log in with social media qualifications is one method to ensure customer retention. Filling out a new user form is tedious, but having an option to link to a Facebook, Google or Twitter account gives yet another slick feature to your application. Another aspect of social media is that it can create further exposure for your app. This can take the form of users sharing their experience with your product or take things further by creating online wish lists (Amazon as an example has this feature).
  4. Checkout – Make it easy. Cart abandonment rate is as high as 67% which is often down to a variety of factors such as payment issues. Therefore, make your process as smooth as possible and provide plenty of options for payment like receiving multiple cards and PayPal.
  5. Geofencing – Something to give your application the edge over the competition, this is essentially location-based marketing. The idea is that your application can use GPS navigation and another method of location finding to concentrate on the location of the user and therefore, give local and relevant advertisings or messages to them.
  6. Imagery – Eye-catching images to grab the attention of a user are a must. It’s crazy, but visual information can be processed 40,000 times faster than a text message, so if you apply this to e-commerce, your brand should be displayed by top quality images. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to penny pinch by not using high-resolution images, either from a visual designer or professional photographer.

Right now we understand what an eCommerce application should look like; how will it fit into your business? Think about a launch and position your application at the top. You can use it as a way to point users to communicate product by acquisition (downloading the app), engagement (finding the item to buy) and ultimately to sales (checking out). Will need to this process be unlined, then the next benefit comes out; repeat business.

So if it comes down to it, customers want a brand that has a digital existence. Something which is convenient to use, easy on the vision and gets them from point A (finding their goods) to point B (paying for their chosen products) with as much ease as possible. This kind of is where SmartCoders can help, by providing all the various tools necessary you help you create the application that works best for your e-commerce business. Maintain customers and find new ones, with an advanced application that does it all.

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