A huge volume of organised and unstructured data that can’t be handled manually or historically are considered large data technology, that can be analysed, handled and interpreted by machines. This helps draw conclusions and possible projections in order to escape many dangers. Operational and predictive types of Big Data technology. Networked data deals with everyday activities like internet sales, interactions with social networking respectively, however computational software deals with stock market, the weather information, statistical calculations, etc. In data storage and mining, visualisation and optimization, large data innovations are located.

Big Data Technologies

Big Data Technologies

Some of the important Big Data Technologies are as follows.

Apache Spark

It’s an outlet for fast large data storage. It was based on the analysis of data in real time. The  vast Machine Learning library is good for AI and ML work.  This parallels and processes data on grouped machine and  distributed data set is the basic type of data used among Spark.

NoSQL databases

The registry is not related and provides quick data storage and restoration. It has a remarkable ability to handle all sorts of data, like organised, semistructured, unfocused and iterators data.

Apache Kafka

Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform that handles a lot of events every day. As it is fast and scalable, this is helpful in Building real-time streaming data pipelines that reliably fetch data between systems or applications.

Apache Oozie

It is a workflow scheduler system to manage Hadoop jobs. These workflow jobs are scheduled in form of Directed Acyclical Graphs (DAGs) for actions.

 Docker & Kubernetes

Those would be the emerging technologies which enable Linux container applications run. Docker is indeed a series of open source software that help you “Construct, deliver and operate any application, wherever it takes.”

Kubernetes is an open source database / improvisation framework that permits the co-operation of a wide number of items. This reduces the operating burden eventually.

Flow of Tensor

It is an open-source training repository used in the design, construction and training of profound deep learning. In TensorFlow all comparisons are rendered of data flow maps. Nodes and edges are used in diagrams and  mathematical operations are represented by nodes while the boundaries represent data.

For research and production, TensorFlow is helpful. It was designed to take into account that it could function on many CPUs or GPUs or even smartphone software applications. The Python, C++, R, and Java can be introduced.


Presto is indeed a Facebook-developed open-source SQL machine which can facilitate information bits. Unlike Hive, Presto doesn’t really rely on MapReduce and thus faster data analysis. The design and interface is sufficiently easy to communicate with the other database files.


We understand by reading this article that there are complex technologies that involve Big Data and if you are still wondering is big data a technology? Then of course it is .