The benefits of building an on-demand data lake in healthcare

This blog was written in partnership with Navdeep Alam, Senior Director, Global Data Warehouse, IQVIA

Healthcare is unique. It isn’t defined like other businesses by how much revenue can be generated, but more in terms of achieving positive health outcomes, better value, and saving lives through the rapid development of new treatments and therapies. 

We consider data to be the heartbeat of the healthcare ecosystem today. The challenge with data is that it’s often siloed and scattered in data warehouses, data marts, operational systems, transactional systems, and external sources, thereby making it difficult to easily aggregate, query and analyze. And healthcare data is growing exponentially. In 1950, the estimated doubling time for medical data was 50 years. It accelerated to 7 years in 1980, and to 3.5 years in 2010. The same report that issued these findings projected that this year healthcare data would double every 73 days

The exponential increase in volume is due in part to big data analytics tools and information coming from medical imaging, clinical trials, biometric sensors, pharmaceuticals, patient records, wearables, and more. Gathering all of that data in a safe, secure environment in order to query it and make fast, confident decisions is challenging, but not insurmountable. 

One place to start is with a healthcare data lake, which can store relational data from a variety of applications, and also non-relational data from mobile apps, IoT devices, social media and more. The structure of the data is not defined when data is captured, which means you can store all of your data without careful design or the need to know what questions you might need answered in the future. Different types of analytics, including SQL queries, big data analytics, full text search, real-time analytics, and machine learning can be used to uncover insights. The value of a data lake is realized in its power to share data, and support rapid exploration and discovery processes.

In healthcare, we don’t always know what information is going to be important in the future. For example, not all healthcare organizations had active electronic health records systems 25 years ago, yet today that is a requirement being enforced from the HITECH Act. Healthcare information that we may not have a use for today might be extremely useful in the future—and we need a safe and secure place to store it. 

Today, healthcare organizations are also looking to scale and accelerate the time-to-insight from all of their data by focusing on the cloud. More and more organizations want to perform advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictions on any data, anywhere, regardless of where it ends up, be it data center, public cloud or hybrid model. In the meantime, they need to scale their analytics activities while maintaining strict enterprise data security, governance, and control across all environments.  

We’re inviting you to join Cloudera and IQVIA for a joint webinar on August 18, as we introduce you to new ways to leverage an enterprise data platform to accelerate your healthcare analytics and AI initiatives. IQVIA has implemented Cloudera’s hybrid cloud capabilities to accelerate analytics and AI initiatives and deploy data lakes on-demand. We will talk about use cases in clinical, real-world evidence, and commercial areas to demonstrate how IQVIA leverages a Cloudera-based high-tech ecosystem to drive global analytics and AI. 

As part of the webinar you can learn more about:

    • A new enterprise data cloud for healthcare that supports both multi and hybrid cloud environments
    • How to enable a secure, scalable, open source enterprise data cloud in days–instead of weeks (or months) with no vendor lock in with IQVIA’s PaaS solution
    • How to extend your cloud capability for sensitive data (PII, PHI, HIPAA)


  • How you can benefit from IQVIA’s data science expertise in healthcare


We encourage you to join our webinar, “Accelerate your data science initiatives with a healthcare data lake on-demand,” on August 18 at 8 a.m. PT. 

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