Big Data is data, itself, but then of enormous size. Big Data is indeed a concept used to describe a data collection that is enormous in size and still increasingly increasing continuously. In brief, these information is so huge and complicated that it could not be saved or processed efficiently by any of conventional data processing methods. The numbers, symbols or characters where a machine works and which can be processed and transmitted as electrical signals and documented on magnetic , optical or electronic memory devices. For organisations, systems that store and process big data are becoming a standard feature of data management architectures. The vast quantities of information in many settings, the wide variety of types of data contained in big data, and the speed at which the data is generated, extracted and processed.

Importance of big data Concept

The big data collected by businesses in their databases is being used by businesses to improve operations, offer better customer service, develop tailored marketing campaigns based on consumer preferences and eventually increase profitability. Big data companies have such a significant strategic edge relative to businesses who are not able to make quicker and much more knowledgeable managerial decisions given that perhaps the data have been used successfully.

Big data , for example, will offer corporations valuable insights into the clients which can be used to refine marketing camps and technologies to increase consumer participation and revenue growth.

Uses of Big Data

Health studies are increasingly using broad data to classify causes of risks for diseases and physicians in their particular patients and help predict diseases and conditions. Information generated from electronic health reports (EHRs), social networking, the Web and other outlets also offer up to date information on threats or occurrences of contagious diseases for health organisations and government agencies.

Big data helps oil and gas firms throughout the energy sector to detect possible exploration sites and monitor the pipeline operations. Big data processing framework and real-time monitoring of market data are used by financial services companies. Big data are being used to control and improve distribution networks for suppliers and transport firms. Some uses of government involve emergency response, reduction of crimes and efficient city programs.

Big data challenges

Designing a big-data architecture is one of the  common problem for developers in relation to the processing capacity and expenses problems. Big data systems should be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, the  company which calls on IT teams and software vendors to combine resources from all the technologies available. In contrast to central database administrators and developers with an emphasis on structured applications, their deployment and management of complex information systems often need qualitative research involves.

Both of these issues can be alleviated with a regulated cloud provider, then IT administrators must be cautious about cloud utilisation to ensure that the costs are not taken out. Furthermore, transfer of data sets and tasks to the cloud on site is often a dynamic task for organizations.