How to create an efficient blog?

There are pretty good number of platforms available to all the bloggers out there which are absolutely reliable and lets you do your work effortlessly. Choosing the best platform which will make it easy for you to showcase your skill of blogging is also necessary. Sometimes you’ll be all set to start the process but […]

Using Data Analytics for Selecting Staff Augmentation & Managed Services

Many companies have discovered that it is very difficult to find a pool of talented employees. Fortunately, new advances in big data technology are helping companies get better qualified workers. Data analytics technology is very important in assessing the performance of staffing services. Companies can use data analytics to improve their hiring processes. What Are […]

Face Detection and Recognition with Keras

If you’re a regular user of Google Photos, you may have noticed how the application automatically extracts and groups faces of people from the photos that you back up to the cloud. Face Recognition in the Google Photos web application A photo application such as Google’s achieves this through the detection of faces of humans […]

Getting Started with the Notion API and its JavaScript SDK

Notion is a multi-featured app for organizing all sorts of content, from notes to calendars and reminders. Notion recently launched its own API, and in this article we’ll use this API to create a small interface that will connect Notion to our own database. Notion has released its API to the world in open beta. […]

Is It Time for Web Designers to Retire the Slider?

It often seems like the most popular things can also be among the most divisive. That holds true for web design, just as it does in life. One prime example of this is the slider. Various types of sliders or slideshows have been deployed on websites for years. And there was a time when it […]

Paving the way for women in Tech: Fostering young girls’

In the late 90s, when I was pursuing my studies in engineering, only a few girls enrolled in any STEM-related courses. While it was our love for math & science and the prospect of future opportunities that brought us here, we sadly found many of them gave up halfway through the course, and those who […]

4 Considerations When Building Your Government Data Strategy

If you’ve followed Cloudera for a while, you know we’ve long been singing the praises—or harping on the importance, depending on perspective—of a solid, standalone enterprise data strategy. While certainly not a new concept, Government missions are wholly dependent on real time access/analysis of data (wherever it may be (legacy data centers or public cloud) […]

Cloudera Operational Database Replication in a Nutshell

In this previous blog post we provided a high-level overview of Cloudera Replication Plugin, explaining how it brings cross-platform replication with little configuration. In this post, we will cover how this plugin can be applied in CDP clusters and explain how the plugin enables strong authentication between systems which do not share mutual authentication trust. […]

Leveraging Social Analytics for Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy

Analytics is extremely important for any company that wants to get the most out of its marketing efforts. Social media marketing is no exception. It is impossible to create an effective social media marketing strategy without utilizing big data analytics effectively. You need to learn how to use big data and social analytics with your […]