AI Technology is Invaluable in The Fight Against Ransomware

Artificial intelligence is very important for solving many modern business challenges. One of the most important applications of AI technology is in the context of cybersecurity. Ransomware is a significant threat in our connected world. Whether it’s at your business or on your personal devices, a hacker/attacker can cause untold damage and wreak havoc on […]

Accessing localhost from Anywhere

You’ve spent hours working locally on your computer, getting that new website design to look just right. Your CMS is nicely set up with sample content and you want to test it out on a few mobile devices and tablets. Your client also wants to take a look — but you don’t have time to […]

10 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating the Parallax Scrolling

There’s a lot of confusion about parallax design and how it works on the web. Generally speaking, parallax design uses motion to create the illusion of depth on a page. This can relate to background changes or semi-fixed position items that move alongside the user’s scrolling. We’ve covered many examples from websites but haven’t gone […]