Coder Kids is a great company that offers online, in-person and on-demand coding classes and camps for kids of all ages. Their free on-demand class, Introduction to Scratch Coding, is the perfect way for kids to begin their coding journey.  Once students are familiar with the basics and the Scratch interface, then the kids will move on to start on how learn coding.

3 Best Programs To Learn Coding – Learn to Code

Currently one of the most popular websites that provides free coding classes for children is This platform is known for its intuitive search engine that enables you to search for relevant courses from all over the world. It also offers comprehensive online tutorials, averaging at 15 to 20 hours. adopts interactive teaching methods, such as maze games, to engage kids in the material at hand. Once you log in, you can find courses on building websites and games. The content includes the basics of programming as well as classes on coding actual apps and websites using various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. and Scratch

ScratchJr and Scratch are widely popular platforms used mainly by children. This website was developed by MIT students, aimed at kids from 6 to 16 years old. It features one of the easiest user interface designs, adopting visual code blocks that are very simple to follow. Instead of actually typing code, you can drag and drop blocks of code to program different stories and games. Kids can create all types of different projects on Scratch and ScratchJr. You can find descriptions of the blocks on the website, along with an interface guide and a guide for paint editor to help produce graphics. Scratchjr doesn’t only offer coding lessons for children, but also curriculum, activities, and assessment exercises for teachers to apply in class.

Combining the world of text-based coding and RPG gaming, Code Combat offers a highly immersive learning experience via a fun game that’s accessible through any browser. The idea here is to give your character the correct set of commands to complete missions by solving an assortment of mazes, puzzles, and other tasks. The free version of Code Combat provides an in-depth introduction to computer coding science. It consists of 39 levels, teaching kids basic syntax, parameters, strings, arguments, loops, and variables. After that, you can move onto more advanced modules, such as web development and game development, by gaining access to their paid version.

These are the best programs on how learn coding for kids.