Artificial Intelligence has been a necessity in today’s world. AI is one the most increasing concept in the field of technology and science. AI primarily focuses on introducing the human level accuracy and intelligence to the apps for every right reason. The contribution of AI in the tech field is incredible.

It offers seamless benefits to the users which would help them ease the stress level attached to various tasks and would help then grow by increasing the user efficiency degree. Today, in this article we will be discussing about some of the best artificial intelligence apps that can be optimized on iOS devices;

4 Best AI Apps For iPhone


Being one of the most advanced artificial intelligence available on the internet today, Replika offers great features such as ability to have a normal conversation with the user appearing it to be a real human and not just a chatbot, the conversations are thoroughly natural and not automated in anyway. Sooner Replika will soon develop a friendship bond with the user.


Airploy is one of the most highly intelligent app available in the market as it has the capability to identify upto 3 objects in less than a second. You don’t have to take pictures and then enquire about it, instead you can point Airploy at something and it will instantly recognize the object for you and then even describes it in detail. The best part about this app is do not require any data to use this app which means you can save more of your data by using this app.

Seeing AI

Seeing AI is titled to be by far the best and most reliable artificial intelligence apps ever made for the development of iPhone. The app works with the phone camera in order to identify objects, signs, people etc and relays it back to the users. The feature that helps the app to stand out from its competitors is its ability to recognize people’s emotions through which users can easily understand about how exactly the people around her/him is feelings.


Cortana is compelling personal assistant app developed for iPhone. It will help you manage your tasks easier as it carries a wide range of features which includes scheduling meetings, send e-mails, setting reminders, tracking the events updated and a lot more.

And here the list of best AI apps for iPhone ends. To know more, stay connected to us.

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