Artificial Intelligence of Machine Learning can be a little complicated in their behavior but is very beneficial in this world for everyone of us. AI is a complete mixture of Computer Science, mathematics and other important concepts that are used in AI for performing the complex programs and taking the place of human intelligence for giving better performance and better results.

The capacity of computers to function in a ‘intelligent’ way is Artificial Intelligence. Based on available data, this means making smart choices. It takes a ‘input’ in more technical terms and converts it into an ‘output’ that is beneficial towards its end goal. It is irrelevant whether it is by digging at data to find a useful pattern or by helping to steer an autonomous vehicle. Under the hood, it’s all the same. It actually varies in degrees of complexity.

5 Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence


One of the biggest advantages of Ai is that it is available for 24/7. Machines are not like humans that they will need breaks and refreshments where they can work for long hours and can do their jobs continuously without being tired or bored from their work.

Day to day application

Another important factor for AI is the necessity of day to day application for example if are loving to use mobiles or laptops then you are also enjoying AI. Some of the most popular services that are the perfect example of AI are SIRI for IOS or Cortana for Windows present in your devices.

Digital Assistance

One of the most important advantages of artificial intelligence is that most of the highly advanced organizations have been implementing AI Machines for the best interactions with their customers that will help in digital assistance. Robots are able to identify rational thinking, sentimental factor but can’t identify human emotions.

Handling Repetitive Jobs

Another advantage of having an AI is that it can very well handle the repetitive work with the help of algorithms. Usually repeated jobs are tedious in nature and that is where AI works best where this kind does not demand of too much of intelligence in the process.

Medical Applications

Medical Applications is also one of the biggest advantages of AI that is used in medicals. Most of the doctors and physicians use health care devices that let us know about the risk factors that the patient may go can be known because of the help AI intelligence.

Hazardous Exploration

One more important benefit of having an AI is that these machines can be used to avoid human limitations. These machines can be used as a substitute instead of humans wherever you think the human is hazardous for the process.

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