As we know artificial intelligence is all about making intelligent machines equipped with intelligent programs related to speech recognition, thinking ability, speaking ability and movement also. This is the era of modern and smart technology which contributes in making our lives smart, quick and easy. Artificial intelligence is the most creative, nice and complex finding by humans that it is being used almost everywhere. However, not a single type of artificial intelligence is used. There are many types of artificial intelligence based on capability, but we filtered and listed below.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

AI is categorized in two categories like: one type is that which can perform actions like a human and even more efficiently are considered as more evolved type AI and other category is that which are not able to perform human like actions and have limited functionality are known as less evolved type AI.

Reactive Machines

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They are the oldest type of AI which do not have memory based functionality. It  means these machines cannot use the past experience to fetch the information in present. They are not able to learn further, simply means they cannot evolve. They have limited functionality.

Limited Memory

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These are the more advanced machines than reactive machines. They have capabilities like the reactive machines but they have learning capability also. So they use the historical data for the new outputs. Almost all the applications we use come in this category.

Theory of mind

When the previous categories are the existing categories and have applications, this type of AI is like a concept and the research is still going on. Researchers are working on theory of mind to make it practically possible and make a new innovation in the era of technology. It is related to the beliefs, emotions, needs and thought process just like humans. So it is more connected to human feelings on which trials are going on to use in machines. This is one of the types of artificial intelligence.

Self Aware

As of now this is just the hypothesis and is the final stage of artificial intelligence. As the name explains it the AI is when machines can develop their own self awareness like humans and obviously this type of creation will take a lot of time. This is the ultimate goal for the artificial intelligence researchers to create something original. This type of AI will be able to not only think, feel or give information, but to know about the ideas to preserve itself. 

Hope you got a useful information on  types of artificial intelligence  and still there are many, but we will give the top priority types.