Programming languages are constantly and rapidly evolving in the current world of technology. The year 2021 brings in new hope and changing trends in many industries across the world. The technical world is no exception to this trend. In this article, we will explore the top programming languages, their scope, market demand, and the expected average income when using these languages. It is always wise to stay in touch with market trends and be updated with the latest in the market so that it can help one make wise decisions about enhancing their career.

Ranking Index

TIOBE stands for The Importance Of Being Earnest, the title of a comedy play by Oscar Wilde from 1895. The TIOBE index measures the popularity of programming languages. This index is created and maintained by TIOBE software BV based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The TIOBE programming community Index is calculated from the number of search hits on popular search engines such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo!, YouTube, Wikipedia and Amazon. This index is updated once a month. The following is the TIOBE Index for February 2021. Based on this data, we shall explore some of the top results in this article.

Ranking Index of top trending programming languages 2021

Most in Demand Programming Languages of 2021


C Language

C is one of the oldest programming languages. It is a machine level language and hence more complex in its structure and difficult to learn. This can be used in both software and hardware programming. C language is fast and portable. It is used in developing diverse applications across various domains like Telecom, Banking, Insurance and retail. It is widely used in programming hardware devices, OS, drivers, kernels etc. The Linux Kernel is written using C.

Advantages of C:

  1. One of the oldest languages and is the building block of many new languages
  2. Comprises many built-in functions
  3. Portable and easy to set up
  4. Powerful and efficient language
  5. Structured and middle level language
  6. Provides dynamic memory allocation

Annual projected income of a C language developer (as per search on, and $106K to $114K in the US

Average number of job openings (as per search on 12,446 in US


Java Logo

Java uses the concept of object oriented programming as its base. It is a very versatile, platform independent and scalable language because of which it can be used across various platforms. It is the base of Android programming, used to develop mobile applications, and also preferred for automated testing owing to its platform independence property. Java programs can run on many platforms and devices. According to the TIOBE Index, Java has dominated the programming field from the early 2000s onwards.

 Advantages of Java:

  1. User and designer friendly
  2. Highly secure programming language
  3. Platform independent
  4. Automatic garbage collection and memory allocation

Many of the world’s biggest brands and web systems such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., use Java to build their software. There are around 1,756,932 queries on Java asked on StackOverflow.

Annual projected income of a Java developer (as per search on, and $80,310 and $106,996 in the US

Average number of job openings (as per search on 35,839


Python Logo

Python is a high-level, interpreted, general purpose programming language. It is frequently used in developing web applications, data science, machine learning, quality assurance, cyber security and devops. Python emphasizes on code readability and therefore has simple and easy to learn syntax. It is a free, open source, programming language that has quality frameworks, extensive training material, a friendly developer community and user-friendly data structures. This makes Python an easy to learn and easy to adapt language. Python is often employed in developing machine language and deep learning applications. Popular websites such as YouTube, Quora, Pinterest and Instagram use Python.

Advantages of Python:

  1. Open-source and Object oriented
  2. Portable across platforms
  3. User friendly and easy syntax
  4. Clean and widely available documentation
  5. Accessibility to several modules

Annual projected income of a Python developer (as per search on, and $79K to $115K in the US

Average number of job openings (as per search on 31,419 in the US


C++ Logo

C++ is a powerful general purpose programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of the C language. C++ is C language with classes. C++ can be used to develop operating systems, GUIs, embedded systems, browsers, games etc. C++ offers programmers a high level of control over system resources and memory. The language is very similar to C# and Java and that makes it easy to switch between languages.

Advantages of C++:

  1. One of the world’s most popular programming languages
  2. Object-oriented
  3. Allows code reusability
  4. Portable and adaptable across multiple platforms

Annual projected income of a C++ language developer (as per search on, and $72K to $90K in the US

Average number of job openings (as per search on 12,356 in the US


c# logo

C# was developed around the early 2000’s to support Object Oriented programming concepts. It is a powerful programming language for the .NET framework. The C# language is more like C++ and is best suited for building applications on Windows, Android and iOS.


Advantages of C#:

  1. Fast compilation
  2. Cross platform
  3. Interoperable
  4. Type Safe
  5. Has a rich library of inbuilt functions

Annual projected income of a C# language developer (as per search on, and $79K to $124K in the US

Average number of job openings (as per search on 11,968 in the US

Apart from the above, there are a few other programming languages that are trending in 2021:

Ruby (on rails)

ruby onrails logo

Rails is a productive, web-application framework written in Ruby programming language developed by David Heinemeir Hanson. Ruby is a high-level interpreted programming language similar to Python or PERL. It is object oriented much like Java, Ada, and Smalltalk. Learn more about the Ruby on Rails framework in 2021.

Annual projected income of a RoR developer (as per search on, and $80K to $133K in the US

Average number of job openings (as per search on 69 in the US


go language logo

Go is an open source programming language developed at Google. It makes it easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software. Go is a flexible language used to develop system and network programs, big data software, machine learning programs, and audio and video editing programs. Go is syntactically similar to the C language and is expected to grow extensively in the future.

Annual projected income of a Go developer (as per search on, and $74K to $100K in US, ₹ 8 to ₹ 14 lakhs in India

Average number of job openings (as per search on 12000+ in the US


scala logo

Scala is a general purpose programming language that combines both object oriented programming and functional programming concepts. It is a high level language and has a strong static type system. It is highly scalable and easy to learn. Scala is widely used in big data and distributed applications.

Annual projected income of a Scala developer (as per search on,, and $118K to $189K in the US

Average number of job openings (as per search on 12000+ in the US


This article has briefly touched upon some of the current, most trending languages in the world of technology, based on the TIOBE Index. However, there are many other software programming languages that are not trending yet but have a promising future. Check out the article by MarketWatch that also gives a similar ranking of languages, based on the number of available job openings.

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