A2 Hosting needs no introduction whatsoever. Do you think there would be any necessity to introduce such a company that has been offering reliable web-hosting since 2001? And that’s not the best part of it, either. Yeah, it’s very difficult for individuals to believe that because most web hosting services prefer to charge a lot more. But the advantages offered by A2 Hosting do not stop there. If you happen to be looking for a web hosting service, then the best one for you is A2 Hosting. You might be wondering why it’s the right one? Well, here are some of the best A2 Hosting features that will make you choose them over other providers of hosting.

A2 Hosting Features


A2 Hosting reports 99.90% uptime, which translates into just under nine hours a year of downtime. The provider, with an average uptime of 99.95%, has actually done much better from what we have seen. These are impressive figures given that 100 percent uptime is difficult to achieve and no hosting company can guarantee that.

Data Centers

A2 has three data centers located all over the world. They have one in the USA, one in Europe, and one in Asia, so you can pick what always seems similar to you and this will increase the pace and efficiency of your web. But that’s not it, these data centers are tracked 24/7, so there won’t be any violation or anything. As they have installed camera surveillance, security is very tight there, and along with that, they have also named top-notch security staff. Another fascinating fact is that only A2 owns these servers exclusively.


As they provide in-house expertise, the A2i customer support crew is extremely good. Many other web hosting providers outsource their customer support and the support system is poor because of that. The Guru Crew Support is called the A2 support staff. As they are professionals with great technical knowledge, they are extremely good. The best thing about their support crew is that they are available 24/7 and 365 days a year, actually.

Web Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

Starting at a $1.25 / mo price. These plans are quite affordable and have an operating time of 99.95 percent as well. Along with that they also have quite a lot of features that make then quite good for newbies and seasoned webmasters as well. But if you have plans to increase your site’s size, you can inevitably step out of it.

Dedicated Hosting

These are the best and most strong plans that A2 Hosting has available. They have a bunch of features that shadow all the other features on all the other hosting plans that are available. These hosting plans are available at a cost of $99.59 / mo.

VPS Hosting

At $5 / mo., these plans are available. Just like the plans for shared hosting. 99.95% is also guaranteed by the VPS plans. For small business sites, these plans are said to be the best because they have quite a lot of features that are not included in the basic shared hosting plans and, on the other hand, they are also quite cheap.

A2 has quite a lot of other plans and features as well. You can head on to the official website of A2 and check those out!