Well, machine learning is changing the way we interact with our devices where our phones and tablets are now powerful enough for running software where they can learn and react in real-time. However, this technology has opened up the door for some cool applications. Now, all startups and tech giants are all starting to use machine learning in mobile app development is high and there are multiple apps where you can use for applying machine learning ranging from Google Search to YouTube when it comes to machine learning apps. Below are the best apps used in machine learning.

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat adds on-demand geofilters - Business Insider

Snapchat started taking machine learning seriously when they acquired the Ukrainian computer vision company Looksery for $150 million. They will use Looksery’s clever facial tracking algorithm for finding your face in your snaps and add things like glasses, hats, and doggy ears. Recognizing a face is easy for humans and difficult for computers. So, Snapchat has its algorithm for looking at thousands of faces to slowly learn what a face looks like. Each picture has all facial features such as eyes and nose marked by humans.

Oval Money

Oval Money will take different approaches and the app will use medical learning for helping to save your money. By looking at your spending habits and collective knowledge from all users, Oval creates a money-saving strategy that is smart and easy for you to follow.

Carat App

Battery life has always been a problem with mobile devices. Power storage just isn’t improving at the place of other technologies. This has encourages some researchers for looking into other ways of improving the battery life of your phone. Carat monitors all kinds of activity on your phone and gives you suggestions on how to reduce power usage. So, Carat learns how you use your phone and can actually tell when there is a problem. You will be notified when one of your apps is broken and needs re-downloading or when your phone is due for a restart. This is best used for machine learning apps.


Dango App — Victoria Beretta

Machine learning isn’t all about science and apps like Dango are attempting to tackle the real problems in life, like finding the perfect emoji. Dango will use deep learning to actually understand what you mean and what you type. So, it is learned from looking at millions of comments and messages which use emojis and it can even understand things like emotions and jokes. With this knowledge, it then suggests emojis and GIFs for enhancing your texting.

The above-mentioned apps are the most popular and successful use cases of machine learning apps. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best apps used in machine learning. Thanks for reading!