Types Of Ethical Hacking

Hacking frequently refers to the unapproved interruption into a network or PC and ordinarily done by at least one programmer. A programmer can be anybody. They can be an individual like you or me. They can work solo or be utilized by an association that has the thought process to upset something or cause destruction, […]

3 Best Programs To Learn Coding

Coder Kids is a great company that offers online, in-person and on-demand coding classes and camps for kids of all ages. Their free on-demand class, Introduction to Scratch Coding, is the perfect way for kids to begin their coding journey.  Once students are familiar with the basics and the Scratch interface, then the kids will […]

Face Detection and Recognition with Keras

If you’re a regular user of Google Photos, you may have noticed how the application automatically extracts and groups faces of people from the photos that you back up to the cloud. Face Recognition in the Google Photos web application A photo application such as Google’s achieves this through the detection of faces of humans […]

Getting Started with the Notion API and its JavaScript SDK

Notion is a multi-featured app for organizing all sorts of content, from notes to calendars and reminders. Notion recently launched its own API, and in this article we’ll use this API to create a small interface that will connect Notion to our own database. Notion has released its API to the world in open beta. […]

Is It Time for Web Designers to Retire the Slider?

It often seems like the most popular things can also be among the most divisive. That holds true for web design, just as it does in life. One prime example of this is the slider. Various types of sliders or slideshows have been deployed on websites for years. And there was a time when it […]

Ten Top WordPress Ecommerce Themes for 2021

As more people shift to online shopping, small businesses and retailers have been pressured to build their own ecommerce stores to keep up. The good news is that creating an ecommerce store is fast and easy with WordPress. With the WooCommerce plugin and a WordPress theme installed, you can easily launch a functional ecommerce store. […]

Tips for Finding Flow in Your Creative Process

It’s late in the day, and you’re working hard on a project. Hours have seemingly flown by in a flash. You haven’t eaten anything since this morning, but you don’t really feel hungry. The only time you’ve moved has been to refill your coffee, and even as you are pouring a cup, your mind is […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Keras: Digit Recognition in 30 Minutes

Over the last decade, the use of artificial neural networks (ANNs) has increased considerably. People have used ANNs in medical diagnoses, to predict Bitcoin prices, and to create fake Obama videos! With all the buzz about deep learning and artificial neural networks, haven’t you always wanted to create one for yourself? In this tutorial, we’ll […]

A Comparison of Ruby Version Managers for macOS

In this article, I’ll compare the most popular version managers for Ruby on a Mac: Chruby, Rbenv, and RVM, as well as Asdf, a version manager for multiple languages, and Frum, a band new version manager written in Rust. I’ll make recommendations based on what you’re most likely to need. Pre-installed Ruby is Not for […]

Dealing With Your Ego as a Designer

A fundamental difference between programming intensive web-development work and graphic-focused web design is that everyone – client to business associates – has an opinion and an alternative vision for the latter. The technically-steep learning curve of coding tends to elicit few opinions and observations, simply because only a handful of clients actually possess the technical […]