The revolution of technology is ruling the all industries and it has solved so many problems faced by the humanity, it is an extraordinary tool for development and it is non another than Artificial intelligence. AI is still in the beginning of testing phrases, so if you not manage properly, that leads to dangerous in near future areas. There are lots of areas which we have take care in artificial intelligence, this is the right time to discuss about the risks of artificial intelligence and we will try to make changes in artificial intelligence in the future.

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing Faces

Recently, in order to do a test on live or real-time video-based face recognition on its residents, the London police started to put cameras across its streets once again. On a test drive, the police were working and the residents were well informed about the same. This drive was to verify how the face recognition algorithm could be used in real time to search for criminals and terrorists who are lost and wanted.

Losses of Jobs for people

When Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more sophisticated, tasks that were once carried out by humans would obviously take over. Around 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide due to automation by 2030, according to a study published by the McKinsey Global Institute. People could switch to jobs that actually involve imaginative and strategic thinking from physical and repetitive jobs. And people will also have more time to spend on less physically stressful work with their friends and family.

Knowledge and Online Exploitation

Last year, Facebook was huge news. We saw how Facebook and Cambridge Analytica were in the firing line when they were revealed to the user database shared by the social network site for influencing the elections. Using this data, artificial intelligence algorithm algorithms should be presented to the public to determine what the news and facts should be. Fake and unrealistic news gets prominence from the front using this tactic and can exploit anything as sensitive as the election polls.

Bias of Artificial Intelligence

The fact that people are often biased towards other sects, races, nationalities, etc. is an inconvenient fact. And this prejudice can often unintentionally enter into the systems of artificial intelligence that human beings create. Because of the inaccurate data produced by humans, the bias may also sneak into the systems.

Artificial intelligence is not at all bad in any way, the major concern is how we utilize the AI, we should not afraid of AI, but humans will make to be afraid of thing and they didn’t understand what exactly artificial intelligence. Hope you understand an informative article on risks of artificial intelligence.