Stitch is now available with a European data center for faster and compliant analytics


It’s no secret that businesses are undergoing a dramatic digital acceleration during the pandemic. A recent Gartner CFO Survey characterizes this acceleration as “from the pace of a multi-year marathon to a 12-month sprint,” while a McKinsey survey estimates that organizations have shortened the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions by three to four years.

Lagging behind in turning data into answers is no longer an option. Analytics teams at companies of all sizes are front and center as executives ask, “What’s happening in our business?” Teams that can answer that question more quickly can better adapt to a changing global economy, while those that delay risk leaving their executives navigating in the dark.

To help analytics teams in Europe provide faster, more accurate answers to critical business questions, we’re pleased to announce that Stitch is now available with an EU data center. Companies in the EU can now use Stitch to access and consolidate data from over 120 sources into a data warehouse for analysis, while ensuring that their data never leaves the European Union. With critical data at their fingertips in just a few clicks, European businesses across all industries can spend less time managing data pipelines and more time developing the insights they need to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Correcting course with faster analytics

Let’s take the retail industry as an example. “Today, data is at the heart of everything we do,” says Guillaume Porquier, Information Systems Director at children’s fashion retailer Tape à l’œil. “In retail, you have to combine promptness with proximity. Information must be able to flow from product design to sales, otherwise we can’t do our jobs. If a product is not available at a certain time, the sale is lost. You run the risk both that the customer will turn to another retailer, and that the product will have to be sold at a discount at the end of the season. With COVID-19, some suppliers have had to suspend operations, and the real-time management of our supply chain allowed us to make the appropriate course changes very quickly.”

Talend customer: Tape à l’oeil

For businesses like Tape à l’œil in customer-obsessed industries, timely and accurate insights are the cornerstone of decision-making across supply chain, operations, and the entire customer lifecycle. “Stitch has played a crucial role in enabling us to capture digital traffic data from European merchant websites and post KPIs for our management team, as well as capture customer feedback through surveys from different angles,” Porquier says. “Stitch also retrieves campaign results from Facebook and Instagram to cross-reference them in our Snowflake data warehouse, making all this information available to the various disciplines.”

Where speed meets compliance

Stitch is a fully managed data pipeline for analytics that helps companies like Tape à l’œil deliver analytics projects faster. With a new data center hosted in the EU (AWS Frankfurt), European companies can ensure that their analytics work is GDPR-compliant while moving faster than ever before.

This feature is now generally available to anyone who signs up for Stitch. Of the new data center capability, Porquier says, “All our systems and data are hosted in Europe — cloud and on-premises — as part of our company’s GDPR compliance strategy. As we are expanding the use of Stitch and use cases, I am glad Talend has opened a new data center for Stitch in the EU, further supporting our data journey.”

If you are interested in delivering analytics projects faster with Stitch, you can try the product for free at, and you can select the EU data center option when you sign up.


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