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FatCow is apparently known as a web host which provides us with variety options like beautiful templates, site customization with various texts, images, icons, videos and much more. It has some fantastic blogging tools which every blogger must have dreamt of using for their own website creation. FatCow is a reliable web hosting company which comes under the Endurance International Brand is totally compatible with personal as well as business websites. Endurance Group owns other web hosting giants as well which includes Bluehost, HostGator, iPage and many more.

FatCow Ecommerce features are also well used across the globe by different companies in order to build a strong and creative online store. The headquarters of this hosting company is in Mexico and have two data centers at Boston. The services offered by FatCow include Original FatCow plan, WordPress hosting, VPS services, Dedicated Servers and Domain registration. With the help of FatCow web hosting, you surely can take serious advantage of integrated SEO techniques in order to increase the ratings of your website.

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Pricing of FatCow

The users of FatCow web hosting will get 30-day trial to check if the host is working perfect for their website. Initially when you are on your trial period, there is no subscription and at the end of the 30-day process, you can choose one out of the three plans.

The first plan is Basic which will cost you just $3/mo which provides features like 6 pages, domain name, 325MB disk space, 0.5GB bandwidth and 5 mailboxes. Second plan will cost you $5/mo which comes with features like 6 pages, domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mailboxes, different sites per account and also $400 in market credits. Third plan is premium plan which will cost you $15/mo and all the above-mentioned features are available in this plan too along with site restore facility and back up feature and appointment booking. Review: More Moo For Your Money? »

Key features of using FatCow Hosting

  • The services offered by FatCow are super cheap and yet reliable web host which makes use of some robust servers that helps the users to operate websites in maximum speed.
  • FatCow also doesn’t offer any uptime guarantee. But when you start using this web host, you can notice that FatCow can actually boast of almost 100% uptime guarantee and also great responsiveness. They have robust servers ensure that the websites are super responsive and runs with high speed.
  • FatCow has been in the business for about 12 years now and they clearly know what is needed for an excellent website.
  • So, the customer need not waste time and start working on their websites.
  • You get great features along like free shopping cart, free domain for life, free website builder and also free script installer.
  • FatCow hosting is a great option if you want to forward the traffic. It will easily help to forward the traffic to your main site.

Pros of using FatCow Hosting

  • Free domain name
  • Free website transfer
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Various site templates and website design features

Cons of using FatCow

  • Customer support services is limited
  • The long term plans can be a bit costly for the user

Website building with FatCow

The website builder provided by FatCow is very user-friendly and it will be very easy for you once you start designing your website with the help of FatCow hosting. You can choose among various creative website templates and also add or remove texts, images, icons and many more.

There is a gallery available where you can upload as much as photos you want and the process is quite simple. You just have to drag and drop the images into gallery. Along with it, you can also integrate your website account with your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter which will further help in increasing the SEO of your website. There are various SEO techniques available with FatCow and it will ultimately help in increasing the rankings of your site on Google.

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FatCow is simple and humble web host. The customer service under this web host is pretty fine as the team members are responsive and they know what they are into. The team is very professional as well. This web host is affordable too and it is a great option for small businessmen and personal bloggers.