Happy anniversary to us! Fifteen years ago, Talend’s founders anticipated the business need to have data accessible to all users across an organization. I’ve been with Talend since the beginning, and I wanted to celebrate this milestone by sharing our product innovation and evolution through the years. 

Talend was created with the idea that we could offer something new to the market: open source ETL. There was a lot of momentum behind open source at the time, and the idea was that we could deliver a lot of new benefits to our users through open source. And it worked! We quickly made inroads which would have otherwise been difficult given the established players at the time.

One of the key benefits we provided was visibility. Other products are like a black box for users — you don’t know what’s happening with data beyond a certain point. In contrast to that, Talend generates source code that users can look at, audit, and even integrate into their own continuous integration tools to build off of separately from Talend.

Talend has always prioritized understanding how customers work with data, and how we could best support that. From the beginning, we combined ETL and ELT in a single product, which was not available in the market at that time. Having both of these capabilities was critical for our next milestone: working with big data. When you look at big data, if Talend was only capable of ETL, then the only thing we could have done was load data to a data lake. But with ELT capabilities, we realized we could do something far more interesting than that: We could generate transformations on top of big data directly on the data lake. And that was unheard of at the time.

This innovative approach to big data also applied to the cloud. Moving to the cloud and the simplicity and power it provides meant that more people could benefit from our solutions. We changed the way we built software, adding additional focus on the user experience for the past several years so that people who are less technical and more focused on business uses can get up and running quickly. Today, our software platform, Talend Data Fabric, provides the flexibility to help customers migrate to and run hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. 

Over the years, data has become more valuable and more disruptive for businesses. We’re at an interesting inflection point in that every aspect of the way we solve data management problems is evolving: the architectures, the technologies, the infrastructure used, and even the people tasked with solving these problems.

Last month we named Krishna Tammana our new CTO.  Krishna comes most recently from Splunk and brings with him an extraordinary background of cloud and data expertise that will lead us to the next phase of growth and innovation.  He’s focused on making it as easy as possible for organizations to have timely access to data that’s clean, complete, and uncompromised. Our Talend Trust Score, inspired by neural network algorithms, is a good example of the direction we plan to take. Under Krishna’s leadership, our global R&D team will work toward a broader vision and roadmap — innovations that will enhance Talend’s capabilities to help our customers achieve trust in their data and in their decisions.

Buckle up. If the next 15 are anything like the last 15, it’ll be an incredible journey, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


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