GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting company that has been providing 100% reliable web hosting since 2008! The company’s founder, Trey Gardner, has extensive web hosting experience, as he has worked in the past for quite a few large web hosting companies.

Now, you don’t have to select them either based on their cheap rates or just because their creator is an accomplished person. 300% Green Web Hosting is provided by GreenGeeks, which is powered by renewable energy. So, this means that three times more energy certificates are being purchased.

GreenGeeks Plans And Features


They may not be the best company when it comes to loading speed, but they are in the top ten, without a doubt. Their clocking speed is about 432ms and when it comes to loading speed, this easily brings them above any ordinary web hosting business.

GreenGeeks say that, on average, they give 99.90% uptime. How true is that then? Well, a study was performed on that and it was around 99.98% surprisingly. So, for the next six months, the same thing was done again and the findings were the same.


Their Customer Service is another success attribute that GreenGeeks boasts about. Most web hosting companies claim to provide their customers with 24/7 service, but they don’t really do so. But in this matter, GreenGeeks are very different; they deliver what they promise. When it comes to executives, you will face certain grammatical mistakes, but none the less, you will be 100% happy. If and until your questions are answered, they will stick to you.

Hosting Plans

There are three plans available and they are as follows


This plan gives you unlimited web space and unlimited transfer of data, and for the first year, you will also get free wildcard SSL and free domain name. But it doesn’t end there, you will also receive a website and a 1-click app installer.


This one will provide you with limitless web rooms, unlimited data transfers, and the best of all unlimited websites. Like the last plan, it also has several similar features, such as free wildcard SSL, a free domain name for the first year, and a PowerCacher is also included. It also comes with 2x performance and a 1-click installer, but that’s not all of it.


Just like the pro package, you can get, unlimited websites, unlimited, webspace, and also unlimited data transfers. This package will provide you with 4x output and also PowerCacher just like the other two plans. The best part is now, the paid plan will be Free Dedicated IP and Free Paid Wildcard SSL, and this is what makes GreenGeeks the best plan available for this plan.

So, there you have it. These are some of the features and plans available with GreeGeeks. So, if you are planning to choose them, then wait no further and get services right away. Hopefully, this has been of help to you and for more queries do leave a comment below.