HostGator India is now one of the country’s leading web hosting services providers with a wide variety of hosting options and outstanding functionality. The below are some of the key reasons to pick HostGator as your solution for web hosting. Take a look;

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Local support

When you are in trouble with website problems, the customer service team is the most trustworthy to look for. The client staff is sufficiently versatile to support you. You can reach them by e-mail, by phone and live chat in any language in order to answer your questions on the 24/7. They are here to help you solve your problems. There is a dedicated web page for complaints, feedback and discussions.


HostGator India’s servers are based in the USA, Boomerang and Andheri East, Mumbai, for fast distribution of services at both national and international levels.

Money Return promise for 45 days

The standard money return policy given for the majority of top-class providers of Web Hosting Services in 30 days, where the basic 30-day money return guarantee was extended to 45 days as HostGator India relies heavily on their services. Should you fail to satisfy the specifications or are not satisfied with any of the facilities rendered by the company then please feel free to refund the money within the first 45 days of purchase.

Safety and security

Given the importance of providing a safe website, HostGator takes various precautionary steps to protect the protection of your websites. The data centers are designed to avoid interruptions in the services for which state-of-the-art systems, network, server and electrical support are extremely sophisticated. In addition, they are fitted with a high-tech cooling system to deter servers from a variety of problems, including overheating, power backups, redundant chillers and lasers for detection of fires.

Monitoring in real time

Unlike several web hosting operator, Hostgator is renowned for 24/7 server surveillance, so that intruders are kept away from the site by biometric locking systems and mantrap entry and protection outputs. Efficient time management also allows technicians to update the problem instantaneously, if any, and let them fix it as quickly as possible so that new customers are not missing and current customers can experience the product in no time. In addition, malicious applications are stopped by weekly malware tests.

Extras worthwhile

With HostGator, you will cut much of your costs when you have created a pool of freeware, which requires free website migrations to HostGator made by experts as early as possible after the request has been made. A free domain name is complimentary when you plan to migrate and create a new account on HostGator to collect the HostGator services for the first word.

HostGator is always available 24/7 and 365 to help you solve problems through live chat, phone support and e-mails. If you don’t want to compromise on your company website HostGator ‘s average success is fantastic to remember.

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