iPage, being a full-service domain registrar and a web hosting service provider mainly targeting businesses on a smaller scale is currently one of the best web hosting providers in the industry today giving tough competition to all the other web hosting service providers. Besides wide range of web hosting plans available at budget friendly pricing and other strong reason for obtaining IP as a web hosting service provider is that the ability to quickly implement the E-Commerce addons like shopping cards and PayPal integration. is integrates with any of the commonly used content management systems as well such as Drupal, WordPress and Magento.

iPage Hosting Review 2019: They're Super Cheap But...

Unlimited emails

Unlimited emails are one of the most compelling feature provided by page which has helped the company stand out against its competitors unlimited email feature includes the testing functionality. Spar management is also integrated therefore you will no more have to delete and suspense each day I page will take care of the same. Each individual mailbox will have a maximum storage capacity of about 10000 email messages which is about 500 MB

Unlimited disk space

The web hosting plans offered by IPL include unlimited disk space as long as your usage falls under I page considered to be a normal operation of the website

Unlimited domains

Buying a domain is the most primary step that a user would be taking in order to set up the business and iPage makes easier for the entire process

Scalable bandwidth

Majority of the users of iPads depending upon the hosting plan update will be provided with an unlimited bandwidth however some Power users may be encouraged by I page in order to upgrade from a shared web hosting plan to work virtual private server plan for better services


iPage is known for giving atmosphere or to the security of your website some of the major security features provided by IPS includes 24 by 7 tracking in order to detect the problem at the earliest and fix it nightly backup and restore facility easy access to web site at the locks power supply backup, encryption technology, firewall protection in order to defend web attacks and human monitoring of threats.

iPage website builder

Building a website from scratch is much easier with the help of a page website builder no coding experience is required as the interface of the builder is extremely user-friendly irrespective of which iPage for web hosting plan you opt for you will be provided with a free version of the IPL website builder with this version you can easily build maximum of 6 pages for your website. Some of the features provided by the web page website builder include easy-to-use drag and drop editor attractive themes to help you get started modular design for ease of use and much more.

Optional SEO packages

To help you with search engine optimisation I page offers custom with optional SEO packages the package will give you access to a dedicated team of IPL SEO experts which will help you write search engine friendly content for your website and manage the links as per the algorithms track the website performance and plan actions in order to boost your website SEO performance.

To sum up

iPage web hosting provider is highly recommended for those looking for unlimited features with a reasonable pricing.

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