About LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is one of the most prominent leaders in the web hosting industry which provides effective hosting solutions to businesses. When your business needs to flourish throughout, what can effectively help is the creation of a website. This will also help in maintaining the online presence of the business. For this a reliable hosting service is required and LiquidWeb is the best in it. The functioning of this web host is very easy and no problems have been witnessed so far by the users while operating their website hosted by LiquidWeb. This web host company offers you with variety of cloud, reseller, virtual private servers and WordPress server packages which you can choose according to your requirements and business. It also provides all its clients and users with around the clock support along with 99.999% uptime.

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Why is LiquidWeb “The Best”?

  • LiquidWeb offers exclusive Webhost Manager complete solution which starts at just $59 per month. With this you can even apply your own branding.
  • Best web host if you are looking for one that suits your business needs
  • Complete security is provided to all the websites hosted under LiquidWeb with the help of firewalls, VPN, SSL, Malware scanning and also malware removal.
  • Easily migrate the website, online store and all the application with the stored data
  • Proactive management of your website’s hosting. It includes network availability and all-time security
  • You can enjoy excellent uptime and customer support. There is approximately 100% uptime because it will always check the website and notifies you if they are not able to contact your website.
  • Hosting environment is managed very well under LiquidWeb. All types of technical support are extended by the team of LiquidWeb.
  • Although its expensive, but the quality of hosting services provided by LiquidWeb still remains unmatched.

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LiquidWeb VPS Hosting

LiquidWeb doesn’t offer shared hosting and surprisingly it is the best part about this web host. small businesses and beginners might always choose shared hosting as its more affordable. But in case of Liquid Web, the servers are really powerful and they focus on VPS hosting.

If you want your website to perform the best, then always choose VPS hosting. This is higher form of shared hosting and the starting prices of the VPS plans are budget friendly and affordable too. It starts at $4.99 per month which comes along with features like 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage and 1TB of monthly transfers.

For the enterprise level business, there is nothing powerful than opting for VPS hosting plans for your business. The charge that you are supposed to pay is only for the number of days you used the service and you can even cancel the subscription whenever you wish to.

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LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is suitable for the medium sized businesses. The cloud hosting plans start at the price of $4.99 per month which comes along with some great features like 1GB RAM, 30GB of storage and 1TB monthly data. The costliest plan which is the last plan under Cloud Hosting by Liquidweb can cost you around $1000 per month and you can upgrade to this plan if your business needs it.

Liquidweb helps you to expand your business and also increase the level of operations involved in it. The entire process of cloud hosting under Liquidweb is absolutely easy and user-friendly. Along with the hosting features and services, you can also get amazing customer support which is available 24/7/365 days.

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Summing up

Liquidweb is the best option if you are owning a huge enterprise or running big businesses. This hosting option might not be so right for an individual web developer or small businessmen who would find Liquidweb to be extremely costly and less affordable. Anyway, this web hosting company is a great choice as it has excellent customer support and hosting packages which will help in smooth functioning of your website. With 100% uptime, you can also think of expanding your own business and Liquidweb will never disappoint you.