I am pleased to announce that Talend has joined techUK, the leading UK’s technology trade association. With over 800 members across the UK, techUK drives innovation and collaboration across business, government and stakeholders to provide a better future for people, society, the economy, and the planet.

Data-driven innovation can lead to a better society, faster reaction to disruptions, and support the economy of tomorrow. It is no coincidence that Chancellor Rishi Sunak made a strong focus on tech when announcing the 2021 budget in March. Along with the “Build Back Better” plan, the budget will support the development of the digital industry, including technology, infrastructure and skills. One of the key measures is to increase the digitalization of SMBs: “130,000 small and medium sized businesses will be supported through the new Help to Grow scheme, providing the digital and management tools needed to innovate, grow and help drive recovery.”

As a leader in the data space, Talend will partner with techUK to work on some of the most important key development drivers such as cloud adoption and data analytics. We will also be involved in specific market discussions including public sector, energy and financial services to collaborate on the data and digital challenges of these industries, discuss about future disruptions, and best approaches for a long-term digital success, in a data literate world.

At Talend we strongly believe that allowing the right people to  leverage trusted data at the right time can deeply transform an organisation, support greater growth, and foster innovation while building the foundation of a sustainable future. As an active member of techUK, Talend is committed to the growth of the tech industry in the UK and for making the utilisation of data the core of its development.

Sue Daley, Director for Technology and Innovation at techUK, commented: “’We are thrilled to have Talend join techUK. As the leading technology trade organisation, we are proud to represent companies that want to make a difference in the industry. Data and cloud adoption are a key element of our work, now more than ever, and we are looking forward to working with Talend in this space and beyond.”

For more information about techUK and the work Talend will be involved in, please visit www.techuk.org


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