Talend is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. It’s a milestone we couldn’t have achieved without our customers, partners, and the heart and soul of Talend, our employees.

Fifteen years ago, French entrepreneurs, Fabrice Bonan and Bertrand Diard, set out in Suresnes, France, to make data access and management faster and better by democratizing technology.  With open source beginnings, Talend launched its first paid product in 2007 and the following year we debuted at an industry tradeshow in France.  One of our early employees shared an anecdote from that time where we had permitted a TV crew to recharge their camera battery at Talend’s first ever booth and as an unexpected thank you, we were featured on national television.  The rest is data history …

Today, Talend is a publicly traded company with offices throughout the world. Talend’s successes have not diminished the celebration of its roots; the company’s unique identity continues to reflect our European heritage.  Corporate headquarters are in Redwood City, CA, but we evoke a tangible coolness – a certain je ne sais quoi – that sets us apart from other Silicon Valley firms.  It is Talend’s incredible culture and work environment that stands out and it is what will propel the company forward. 

While data reigns supreme at Talend, hands down, it’s our employees who are the heart of this company.  Woven into the fabric of our culture is an emphasis on employee diversity, acceptance and inclusion of thought.  We ask our employees to bring their authentic self to the workplace, and this begins with me.  The value placed in honest conversations help drive our highly engaged teams, and our willingness to grasp that mistakes may be made along the way sparks our innovative creativity.  Simply put, we hire and develop an incredibly talented group who work around the globe on a common vision, and we show up for our customers and for each other.

The commitment to our customers is evident through the years. Companies such as AstraZeneca, Dominos and Loreal continue to rely on Talend as a strategic partner to help run their business on trusted data. They get the data they need to design exceptional customer experiences, improve operations, ensure compliance, and drive innovation.  Our ability to meet customers where they are on their data journey is unique to Talend. We help our customers digitally transform to answer questions and power innovation to gain a competitive edge and achieve what they never thought possible.

At this fifteen-year mark, I know it’s the strength of our people and obsession with supporting companies around the globe that will drive us to evolve as a company. We are laying the foundation for accelerated growth and scale. Our purpose is to change the way the world makes decisions and we do that by making data useful for all organizations in any stage of their digital transformation.

Thank you to everyone in our extended Talend community who has contributed to our success.  My own journey here at Talend has just begun.  Over the past several months I’ve had the opportunity to learn from employees, partners, and customers.  I have experienced and understand why people choose to work with Talend.  There is passion, pride, and energy in our culture that permeates throughout our organization and I am thrilled to lead Talend to the next level.

Happy 15th anniversary, Talend!


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