Artificial intelligence is no more just a theory, it is practically possible now. There are so many applications of artificial intelligence we can see around us. If we searched an online store in the early 2000s to locate a product without knowing its exact name, finding the product would be a nightmare. But now we get all possible results relevant to the product when we check for an item in any e-commerce store. It’s like our minds are read by these search engines! We get a list of all the related things in a matter of seconds. Finding the best movies on Netflix is an example of this. Almost 30% of companies use AI in one of their business segments to increase productivity and earn high profits. There are many other uses of artificial intelligence like:


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Chatbots are used by many companies to solve the customers’ queries and to provide general information. This is the classic use of artificial intelligence. It is helpful in providing basic information or to direct the person to the main option to solve the query which needs to be handled by humans.


The Future Of E-Commerce

Artificial intelligence has applications in e-commerce as well. It enables the online shopping easy for the customers by selecting the items according to the shape, size, color, texture and many other options. Artificial intelligence helps the customers to shop for the desired item and get a satisfactory feeling which is beneficial for the e-commerce company. It also saves the past experiences and on the basis of that it recommends to the customers for different options.

Improves workplace communication:

These days business communication is overloaded with so many responsibilities that hampers the target achievement and also disturbs the work life balance. So to minimise the load over employees, artificial intelligence equipped virtual assistants are used by many businesses which are intelligent like humans and can do the task which are of repeated nature. This helps in the growth of the company.

Health Care:

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In the health care sector, the use of artificial intelligence is increasing. For example, the data of patients are kept to check for the treatment history, improvements and need of change in the treatment if needed. Also, there are many medical apps which give the information about the best doctors nearby you and all the related information. These apps even help in providing additional health related information. 

logistics and supply chains:

Artificial intelligence builds up the commitment of faster deliveries and maintaining the growth of the companies which deals with logistics as logistics is the main part of the customers’ satisfaction. If a customer needs the product early then it creates pressure on retailers and they create pressure on manufacturers. So it helps in faster logistics and supply of the products with the use of robotics by the use of artificial intelligence.

On a last line to say, above are the best Real World Artificial Intelligence Applications.